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› 24-Hr Response Line
A hotline is answered at the agency seven days a week, 24 hours per day, by well-trained staff and volunteers to give emergency response, support and information.
› Counseling/Support
Individual counseling and weekly support groups are offered by a therapeutic counselor to survivors of domestic violence. In collaboration with another area non-profit, a support group for Spanish-speaking female victims of domestic violence meets weekly. Volunteers assist staff in offering options coordination and information and referral for our clients. 911 phones are available free of charge to anyone who needs them.
› Court Advocacy
Mainstay staff and volunteers are present at each court session involving domestic violence cases to offer support and advocacy to victims of domestic violence and to enroll offenders in class. Progress made by offenders is reported to the court at the time of sentencing hearings. Assistance is available for victims wishing to file for protective orders against their abusers.
› Emerge DSS Class
A 13 week program that is designed to help men and women define domestic abuse, identify its various forms, understand how it affects adult victims as well as child witnesses, recognize that violence is a choice, and identify respectful ways of communicating.
› Family Violence Intervention Class
A 26 week program for men or women have been violent and/or abusive in their relationships with their partners or within their families. We strive for the participant to gain skills in order to accept responsibility for, and end their violent, controlling or abusive behavior. Three (3) classes per week (two for men and one for women) are offered for court-ordered offenders, Department of Social Service referrals and volunteer participants.
› Focus on the Elderly
Mainstay is committed to the prevention of abuse against older adults by family members. Despite the fact that a large percentage of our country's population is composed of senior citizens, few resources exist to address the problems of abuse which this segment of our society may be facing. Mainstay's program provides education and services to older adult victims of violence as well as to organizations and individuals who are in frequent contact with the county's elderly residents. Mainstay provides handicapped-accessible bathrooms.
› Job Training
Dandelion, a local eatery is a job training program of Mainstay. Participating interns can gain experience and learn skills that will allow them to evolve, take flight and spread, eventually landing elsewhere, to grow and prosper. Please visit
› Nurturing Parenting Program
A 12 week program designed to empower parents to raise children in a caring home that nourishes their self worth, promotes their sense of personal empowerment and cooperation, makes appropriate developmental expectations of them, teaches children that compassion is a family moral, value and families treat each other in respectful non-violent, dignified ways.
› Outreach
Mainstay is involved in outreach to schools, to community and civic groups and to professionals who may encounter victims of domestic violence. Speakers for presentations as well as brochures and other written materials for adults and youth are available upon request. Much of the literature is also available in Spanish. In collaboration with over 40 community agencies and local law enforcement, Mainstay began a Family Violence Task Force in 2001 to raise awareness about the prevalence of violence in our homes. Monthly meetings are held to address the problems of family violence as it impacts the local community.
› Shelter
Mainstay is best known to the public for its shelter for battered women and their children. One of the largest in Western North Carolina, our facility has 32 beds and cribs, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, living rooms, playroom and quiet room. All windows and doors are on an alarm system which brings an immediate response by the city police department.
› Youth Services
Youth Services at Mainstay include individual and group counseling. Individual counseling is available to help children and teens, whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence to learn how the domestic violence has affected them, to develop a personal safety plan, to improve their self esteem, and to have an understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

For youths ages 13 to 18, we offer an educational and support group that teaches teens about "Transforming Anger to Personal Power." The goal of this anger management program is to help youth to see that they are not helpless victims of society. They have an opportunity to take control of their lives and emotions in order to choose healthier responses to anger. Understanding social, cultural, and personal influences that shape their thinking, using empowering language, and owning their behavior are key to the effectiveness of the group sessions.

There are separate groups for males and females. The group will meet for 7 weeks and participants must be present for the first session in order to be a member of the group. Each session will be for one hour at Mainstay's Outreach Office. Cost for the group is $2.00 per session. To learn more about this group or to register a participant, call Lea Putnam or Anita Bodenhamer at 693-3840

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